Tawny Morgan

Tawny Morgan has been creating art since she was in Kindergarten. Born and raised here in Humboldt, she attended South Bay, Zane Jr. High, and Glen Paul School. She began creating art at Canvas + Clay Studio in 2014. She says “What I like to do at art is working clay, getting my hands dirty. Art is so much fun.” Morgan also enjoys making art at home. “I paint at my kitchen table” she says. “What I like to do on the weekend is paint and and watch movies on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video and go shopping with my sister in law, being with my family.” Morgan has created whole sets of ceramic sculptures representing some of her favorite television shows. There's Mr. Rogers with his Neighborhood Trolly and King Friday’s Castle, Pamela Anderson and Caroline Holden with their life preservers and Baywatch Tower Station, Officers Jim Reed and Pete Malloy and their Adam-12 cop car.

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