Chris Johnson

I’m just going to say it is what the title is: reflections. Basically these are just the reflections of things that were happening while I was doing these paintings, and i hopefully will have new reflections of the next 20 years we have coming along. Thats pretty much how I felt when I was painting these.

I think I have the idea but I'm just starting to come through to it, I'm just starting to touch the surface. It took me years to understand the light and colors it makes. I did a lot of small scales before getting to this part, I've been an artist for a lot of years, you have to do a lot of small scales before you start to see the real colors. I was painting by the bay area down there, like the big boats and stuff, in the water, I thought I'd paint like the working people on the ocean. I like to paint colors, like the big balls out there and the buckets they use to catch fish, throw em in the water. I was getting certain things like the sky and the water, but I wasn't getting it when it came to making small details like the ropes, I couldn't make them tiny enough. I got the boats and stuff but it was more about colors. I just got thrown off by a couple things. When I got tired of the Humboldt theme I started walking around, walking through old town and taking pictures, and talking to the people down there, about history. Going down towards target all that graffiti stuff, I find it very nice to paint. There an old ox mill and a train and theres beauty in it, the rust colors. That appeals to me. Some people think its a destruction of property, the graffiti, but it appeals to me. I'm just now touching base. I'm trying to hit a fresh note.

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