Liz Kordes

Liz credits her younger brother for inspiring her to try art as a hobby. Art seems to run in the family as it is a big part of both of their lives. Liz takes inspiration from all animals big and small, land and sea, mythical and not. A major muse in Liz’s work is reptiles, including dragons. Some recurring creatures from her animal kingdom include, but are not limited to, dolphins, dinosaurs, dragons and dogs. Her love for all domestic and wild animals is very prominent when approaching her work. “I think my first ceramic piece was a snake.” Though her charming sculpture bodies are identifiable in and of themselves, her texture and glazing techniques are her clear trademark. “I don’t really have a plan when I put on glaze. I layer colors and look forward to seeing how they come out from the kiln.” She enjoys everything about working with clay. “I like the texture and getting dirty.” She shares she has a lot of fun making her pieces, and it shows. “It helps me getting frustration out because you can pound it and mush it.”

Allen Cassidy, good friend and curator, remarks on the process of hanging her work. “I really like all the colors in Liz’s work. It was mostly easy to hang, some of it was hard. I had to match up the color of the pieces to the screws to make it look good. One of my favorite pieces is the dragon head. It has stars on it and different colors. It’s a feel-good piece. You love them all so it’s kind of hard to chose the best one. I really like how the colors came out.”

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