Aleisha Bradley

I'm attracted to the liminal spaces in landscapes--the margins between shadow and light, between day and night, between old and new. These spaces represent possibility and change, forces that often tug strongly on my heart. When I paint a landscape I like to examine those margins. It helps ventilate that restless piece of me that yearns to explore, to wander, to grow, and to be a stranger somewhere new.

I began plein air painting in 2015 after an injury that left me unable to go for walks and explore in my usual ways. Being less mobile caused my mental map of the spaces around me to become smaller. It caused my world to shrink. Plein air painting was a way for me to expand my map and win back some territory.

Though I’m no longer injured I still use landscape painting as a chance to examine the world and win back some territory.

Each painting is an exploration, a joy, and a gift.

272 C Street, Eureka, CA 95501
M-F 9-2 (707) 443-1428

233 F Street, Eureka, CA 95501
T-W 9-2, Th-F 9-4  (707) 273-1026 x 823

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